Today, itself is obsolete. In documenting art

on the basis of : we are human and true

for the sake of , , and

. At the crossroads of the lights, alert,

attentively awaiting.

If you find it futile and don't want to waste your time on a

that means nothing, consider that here we

cast on fertile ground. Here we have a right

to do some prospecting, for we have .

to do some prospecting, for we have .

We are ghosts drunk on energy, we dig into .

We are a as tropically abundant as

, which is the art of making

established as on a

canvas before our eyes, yet today the striving for

in a work of art seems

to art. Art is a concept, exalted as

, inexplicable as life, indefinable and

. The work of art comes into being through

the of the elements.

The medium is as as the artist. Essential only

is the forming, and because the medium is

any whatsover will .

is the name for such art

stands for freedom.

changes meaning with the change in the insight of those who view

it. Every artist much be allowed to mold a picture out of

. The of natural

elements is to a work of art. Instead it is the

artist who to produce ,

in order to make a better art.

redux by

original by Michael Betancourt