In this interactive 360° film installation the user becomes a ghost-like viewer – immersed in a series of curated moments their gaze interactions allow them to possess uncanny perspectives of Brighton Pier. The imitation or reproduction of reality is an artistic endeavour accelerated by cinematic immersion. Framed in the histories of the magic lantern, the phantasmagoria used these devices to project apparitions to its audiences. Inverting such practices, Mimesis allows its users to embody cinematic spaces and control their movements through time and space. Amounting to a cinema VRité, this practice turns the user into the proverbial fly-on-the-wall, whilst allowing for the creation of non-linear narratives established by their interactions. Using invisible interaction points users must navigate each scene looking for visual cues that relate to possible transitions. Between obvious visual associations and accidental discoveries users will begin to establish a mental map, allowing them to fluidly navigate the visual landscape of the installation.


Display - Gear VR / Oculus Go / Oculus Rift

Video - Monoscopic Film

Sound - Stereo Audio

Camera - Samsung Gear 360

Software - Unity / Premiere Pro / After Effects / Audacity


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